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What is a Marketing Technologist?

What is a Marketing Technologist?

What is a Marketing Technologist?

A Marketing Technologist is a person who is both tech savvy and marketing savvy, and furthermore capable of building a bridge between Operation and Marketing.

A too common challenge is that Marketing does not understand how to fully leverage what Operation can offer, and Operation does not understand how to accurately translate marketing requirements into technical capabilities.

However, the Marketing Technologist not only understands the insights and methods of different fields of expertise, but can shape them in new ways that add business value. The Marketing Technologist thus are able to build on technological, marketing, analytical and strategical qualities.

Do you need a Marketing Technologist?

A quick look at the rise of digital media over the last few years, where marketing is becoming rapidly more dependent on technology would imply a simple YES to that question. The Marketing Technologist role has become critical for modern enterprises as the lines between Operation and Marketing blur.

On LinkedIn alone there are right now over 4 000 job offers globally when searching for “Marketing Technologist”

What responsibilities does a Marketing Technologist have?

A Marketing Technologist is overall responsible for aligning marketing technology with business goals and evaluating and choosing technology providers while serving as a liaison to Operation.

Furthermore the following key responsibilities would normally be given to the Marketing Technologist:

– Maintaining and designing integrations between Marketing, Sales, and Operation

– Owning all marketing automation communication workflows and tools

– Training staff on Marketing Technology, be the internal evangelist

– Assisting with marketing reporting and web analytics

– Strategizing with marketing team on new campaigns and outreaches

– Working with vendors to execute the technical implementation of marketing campaigns

– Quality assurance and testing on marking automation campaigns and new tools

– Ensuring all work aligns with company mission and values

What skills does a Marketing Technologist need?


Marketing Technologist Expertise

In short the Marketing Technologist, the professional best-suited to transition seamlessly between Marketing and Operation, is a professional who has been trained in both functions and thus holds a certain set of skills that you need to look for.




Scott Brinker, the man behind have drafted the following set of skills and knowledge which every marketing technologist should be familiar with – and proficient or expert in at least two or three of them:

Data & Analytics
Management, measurement and manipulation of the fuel of digital marketing.

Marketing Applications
Configuration, operation, and integration of marketing software.

Advertising Networks
Managing and optimizing the complete digital advertising ecosystem.

Social & Mobile Platforms
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and their tools and APIs.

Content Marketing
Navigating the entire lifecycle of content marketing, especially SEO.

Web Mechanics
A clear and thorough understanding of the web and browser platforms.

Software Programming
How to speak, read and write the lingua franca of technology.

IT Operations
Independently leveraging cloud computing and a strong liaison with IT Operations.

So there you go. Happy hunting for your next hire, the Marketing Technologist!

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