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You Can’t Just Buy Digital Transformation

“Digital Transformation? Yeah, my company has spent a lot of money on that stuff!”

We are just at the beginning of 2019 and still people and businesses think they are digitally transforming because they have spent money and budgets on digital transformation.

How can it be, that so many still do not get this simple fact? Digital transformation isn’t just about the amount of cash you spend. It’s not just about getting the right tech, the right apps or plugins or even getting robots or moving your stuff to the cloud. It isn’t even just about re-positioning your employees and giving them new responsibilities, or even hiring that new hot-shot emloyee.

It’s in fact all of the above, and then some. Let me try to explain.

Digital Transformation is all about digitalizing the Customer Experience, consisting of marketing, sales, service and product. All these touchpoints should be digital or at least digitally-supported and orchestrated cross-organizational where Marketing would be situated at the center of the orchestration.

Marketing is embedded in the product, and Technology are embedded in Marketing. Most of your business’ existing tech (along with its user data) can and should be embedded into your marketing strategies going forward.

Sure, if you talk to most tech-owners (non-marketeers) in your business they will beg to differ if told their tech falls under Marketing. But visit your marketing department and ask how much of your business’ existing tech and user data they could use in marketing, given the right integrations with inhouse, and possible new, marketing tech and prepare to get some new perspectives on what is possible.

If still in doubt, here is some thoughts on the matter from Scott Brinker, Godfather of MarTech and Editor in Chief of

“Empowered by a plethora of marketing technologies that are widely accessible to and usable by non-technical, “generalist” marketers, ordinary citizens of the marketing department have increasingly become do-it-yourself wizards in crafting digital interactions with customers, digital workflows throughout their organizations — beyond marketing, into sales, service, finance, etc. — and dynamic data dashboards, models, and reports.”Scott Brinker

Having done the above exercise and read Scotts thoughts, you may now be wondering how to do proper digital transformation and where to start. Well, here’s my two cents.

To get your business digitally transformed, you need to:

  • Think through properly what actions need to be taken to digitally transform your business. What new tech do you need in addition to what you already have? Do you have the right positions or even people or skillsets on board, or do you need to change the organization to manage the tech or transformation?
  • Plan your transformation as a project with a due date. And plan for the future as a fully digitally transformed business.
  • Do it. Walk the talk.
  • Change your mindset as well as those of your co-workers.
  • Transform processes, the organization, the people in it and the customer experience end-to-end.

In short: Think, plan, do. Change. Transform.

You don’t just buy it.

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